💪 Motivation

Lately I wasn’t working on the game much, because of several reasons. I had some issues with animations, which really kicked my motivation in the ass. I also realized that my idea was going to take much longer than I hoped, mostly because I’m doing it solo.

After a few weeks without progress, I realized that I need to do things differently. I will be trying to down-scale the idea, as I think it’s better to ship something playable, than to keep working on it forever, or even worse, scrap the project later because it got too overwhelming.

I also am trying to tackle the animation issue from a different perspective, with a different mentality. Once I manage to fix this problem I will be able to build new features.

I wanted to let you know that I am back working on it. I won’t let this project and all the hard work that went into it so far go to waste.

See you around, and hopefully I’ll give you some positive updates in the near future.

Also, please show some love in any way, it really makes a difference for us small game devs.

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Nice job! I would add a "restart" or "play again" button when dying. And some kind of ability to push the zombies in front of you. Keep up!

Good suggestions indeed! I’ll add them to the list. Thank you!